How to Run a Job Fair

With the fields diversifying, hiring is no longer an easy task. Similarly getting hired has also become hard work than it previously was. For the purpose of facilitating both sides, the idea of job fairs was conceived.

It is something that can be arranged without much trouble but good management skills need to be put to use. The planning has to be done well in advance and arrangements have to be made early. If all the right moves are made, there is no reason why you cannot have a job fair that is a big success.


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    Invite Companies

    Invite employers to attend the job fair and participate by purchasing a station at the event. Make sure that you do this in advance and let them know about all the arrangements that are in place. Also tell them about the candidates you expect to have and what kind of facilities you will be offering these companies. Make sure that you have electricity, high speed internet and other facilities available.

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    Engage Candidates

    You cannot contact individuals but can let them know by newspaper advertisements and radio announcements. Mass email marketing can also help. Do make sure that you put the advertisement on the notice boards of professional colleges as well as universities to get maximum candidates to come to the event.

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    Engage Recruiting Agencies

    Make sure that you engage recruiting agencies as well. Their presence will attract both the candidates and the prospective employers to come and will lend authenticity to your fair.

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    Arrange a Venue

    The venue will need to be booked well in advance. Make sure that you have adequate space and have good furniture provided to you for the event though you can bring your own as well. Make sure that you have proper arrangement for the refreshments. Also make sure that proper air conditioning is available.

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    Attention to Detail

    Be sure to pay attention to small details and make sure that everything goes as per plan. Engage people and make sure that they are not having any issues. If there are any problems, be quick to fix them and facilitate all stakeholders in every possible manner.

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