How to Run a Small Motel

Running a small motel is an attractive business opportunity for entrepreneurs. It is a business in which your entire family can participate. A lot of families in America are making a decent income running motels near tourist attractions. If you are looking to start a motel business, you will be glad to know that there will be enough jobs for everyone to get involved. To achieve success in this competitive industry, you are required to deliver excellent customer services and be your own finance manager. There are several other issues you should be aware of before setting up a motel business.


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    Consider putting together all your skills and talents to become a successful motel business owner. You will be required to be an expert in bookkeeping, computer operation, customer services and maintaining cleaning standards. If you lack certain skills, it is advised to update them by joining advanced training courses in accounting and advertising.

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    Hire a professional web developer to create a website for your motel business. A lot of people these days like to book a room in advance and therefore it is extremely important to provide a platform to your customer for making online bookings. Ask the developer to make a simple programme or computer application that allows you to track your daily business activities. You should be able to access business payroll, food services, laundry bills, guest register and transactions using an easy to use desktop application. For those who do not want to hire a web developer, they can download some motel management software from online resources.

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    Contact your local state office and apply for the all the required permits and licenses. It is recommended to seek help of an expert to help through the application process. If you forget to attach any required document, chances are that your application will be rejected.

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    Keep the outside and inside of your motel clean at all times. This will help you retain valuable customers. Place bins outside each room, particularly, if you are relying on tourism and drive by traffic. Use landscapes and paintings to make your guesthouse look beautiful.

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    Team up with other major attractions including golf courses, ski resorts and shopping centres. Offer discounts and deals to other businesses so they can pass on the word to potential customers.

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