How to Save the Polar Bears

As sea ice melts at an alarming rate due to global warming, polar bears are suffering. This majestic animal that can survive the harshest weather conditions is now finding it very difficult to find food as its natural habitat is shrinking. Not many of us can take a trip to coldest areas of the world to help save these beautiful animals. However, there are several simple things that you can do right from home to do your part in helping to save polar bears.

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    Recycle and reduce waste

    One of the simplest ways to help save polar bears is to reduce the amount of garbage you throw out and learn how to recycle as much as possible. Polar bears are victims of the global warming and excessive greenhouse gases that are accelerating the melting of the sea ice. If you reduce your waste then hopefully this will lower the amount of harmful carbon dioxide. It may sound pointless but if you spread the word and get others to follow your example, you can definitely make an impact towards saving polar bears.

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    Help save polar bears by spreading awareness amongst your neighbors, classmates, colleagues and others. Use the internet and join as many forums related to saving polar bears as you can. Get others to join as well. Try emailing your state senator or representative and let them know that you care about the polar bears and that it is an important issue.

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    Save electricity

    Try to save as much electricity as possible. You want to go green for the sake of the polar bears so make sure to turn off lights that are not being used. Make a habit of reducing your electricity consumption. This will reduce greenhouse gases and hopefully have a positive impact on polar bears.

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    Start a blog

    Start your own blog to help save polar bears. You can easily set up a free blog and write articles that can help educate others about the plight of polar bears. You might even generate a little bit of money that you can easily donate to a charitable organization that helps polar bears. Remember the main purpose of your blog is to give information about polar bears so that others can also start to take some positive steps.

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    You can also volunteer your time with an organization that is already working towards saving polar bears. If you have any special skills or talents, be sure to let others know that you are ready to help and are willing to put these to good use.

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