How to Save the Rainforest from Deforestation

The rainforest contains the most diverse ecosystem in the world as it is home to about 30 to 40 million species that make up around two-thirds of the entire planet’s wildlife species. Nevertheless, due to deforestation, this place, which previously covered 14 percent of the Earth’s land, is now just around 6 percent. Businesses and farmers are cutting down large quantity of trees and plants of the rainforest in order to use the area for factories, farming and other industrial projects. There are several ways to save the rainforest from deforestation.


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    Find the source of the product

    See where the food, timber and other goods came from before you purchase them. Most of these things could have been harvested or made through rainforest deforestation. For instance, hamburger beef available at fast food restaurants comes from cattle raised on deforested land. Firewood, wood flooring, picture frames, coffee, cereal and charcoal may also come from a rainforest that was deforested. Ask the store manager or product manufacturers to know if it came from a natural source before buying. Stop buying such products to discourage deforestation.

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    Recycle instead of throwing it away

    Remember it is always better to reuse, recycle or give away things you already own rather than wasting them. About 80 percent of household waste such as paper, glass, garden waste, aluminium and plastic bottles can be reused. Even clothes and books can be recycled as well. You can also give these items to other people who might actually need them. Try to use both sides of a piece of paper before throwing it away in a recycling bin.

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    Inform the people around you about the disadvantages of deforestation

    Spread information about the damages caused by rainforest deforestation. If you have the resources, go to a country that has a rainforest to inform the locals about the issues and tell them other methods of business and farming like rotating crops or just cutting down adult trees.

    While at home, you can share this with family and friends and emphasise on them the importance of recycling and purchasing things just from sustainable sources. Get in touch with local or federal legislature and ask them to fight for this cause. Try to organise your friends and family members to spread the word about the problems deforestation is causing to the environment.

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