How to Scan My Images by Using Iphoto On a Mac

Scanning an image through iPhoto on a Mac computer is not as tricky as it sounds. Just like a Windows application, this feature is amazing and easy to use.

Unlike typical scanning, you need no special program to scan the images. Scanning and importing photos into iPhoto is no big deal, because there is a built-in Image Capture application on Mac computers.

So, there is no need to install particular software to scan the images. A few latest scanners have the option of ‘plug and play’, but the older models still require a program.

Most of the scanning softwares are not free. As a result, life becomes very tough for the Windows user. On the other hand, iPhoto has made things very easy for the Mac users.

For example, you have a huge collection of family pictures, and want to save them in the system. Although, scanning plenty of pictures takes time, but if you are using iPhoto on Mac, a lot less time is required.

This wonderful feature helps you scan and import pictures very quickly. A typical scanning procedure, on the contrary, is slow and frustrating.

Once you photos are in iPhoto, you can comfortably view, edit and organise them whenever you want. Quick scanning and importing is just one small advantage of iPhoto. It also allows you to share your images quite easily on social networking websites, such as Facebook and Twitter.

Scanning images by using iPhoto has so many advantages, but still it is a very easy procedure. You don’t need to be a Mac OS expert to do this job. A few quick moves will help you produce good results.


  • 1

    After making sure that the machine is working properly, place the image on the scanner bed. Although, you can flip the image afterwards, it is always better to place it the way you want it on the screen.

  • 2

    After placing the image properly, it is time to give a few commands to the computer. First of all, double-click the ‘Hard Drive’ icon that you will find on the desktop of your Mac.

  • 3

    After finishing with the ‘Hard Drive’ icon, look for the ‘Applications’ folder. Now, double-click ‘Image Capture’.

  • 4

    The job is almost done now. After pushing the ‘Image Capture’ button, click ‘Scan To’. Make sure you select ‘iPhoto’ from the drop-down menu.

  • 5

    The final step is to click ‘Scan’. This will scan your image. Now, you may use the image wherever you want.

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