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The University of London has a long standing reputation for excellence in teaching and research, attracting students from all over the UK and around the world. By applying to an academy or institute of the University of London, you will have the opportunity to study the best possible courses which are recognized all around the world.

However, before you apply to the university, you will need to choose the courses you wish to study. While the choice of a course is an extremely important consideration, you will need to then search the courses taught by the university to find the one you prefer.

Worry not though, since the University of London offers a diverse variety of options for local and international students, and this guide will help you search for them.


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    First students have to make up their mind about the courses they wish to study and after that comes the step of organizing a list of universities offering them. For more information you can visit the designated counsels for the University of London to see that the courses are quite broad because at this level students are more able. However it does not mean that students who aren't outstanding can not apply.

    Moreover, students need to be particular about courses offered for undergraduate and graduate programs, because there is a completely different criterion for admission to these courses.

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    The best option is to go to different student councils and availing their services, which are for both local and international students. The counsels have all the required information regarding fee structures, procedures and the essential documents needed for admissions.

    As for any specific inquiries, universities advise that students should forward their concerns at least 12 weeks before the last date of admissions. One should keep this in mind when looking for course information. You can also click here for more details.

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    The basic language test of IELTS is compulsory for every individual regardless of discipline. It is the main restraining factor on students, because only after they clear this test, they can proceed further.

    All the factors regarding fee structure and conveyance, study standard, admission criteria should be highly considered before taking admission.

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