How to Select the Right Jersey Number in Soccer

There are eleven players on the field when soccer is being played and they all have different number on their back. All these numbers have distinct values for the players who wear them. Sometimes the number has a lot of history attached to it. At times the player wearing the number has some memories related to the number. Therefore, if you are about to wear a number for your soccer team opt for something that has value to you and also has history attached to it. There have been several players in the world of soccer who have chosen their number on the basis of its history. For instance, Cristiano Ronaldo chose number 7 for Manchester United because players such as George Best and Eric Cantona wore the same number before.


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    For goalkeepers, the number 1 and 13 jersey has always been the best. This is because the keeper is the starting point of selecting a team line-up. The number 1 jersey has always been the highlight of every keeper in the world. If you are a goalkeeper, try to get the number 1 jersey. If you can’t seem to get it then go for the number 13 jersey. This is because after the 12th player, who is considered to be the first substitute, number 13 restarts the number of players on the bench. Number 13 signifies that you are the second choice goalkeeper for a team.

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    If you are a defender then the jersey number 2 to 5 must be on your priority list. There are quite a lot of legendary players around the globe who have opted for these jersey numbers. The smaller numbers are mostly for the defenders. This is because the team line-up starts from behind and after number 1 the rest of the four (2, 3, 4 and 5) are taken by the defenders.

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    If you are a midfielder or a winger, then the trend will follow. Number 6, 7, 8 and 10 are mostly used by midfielders. Moreover, even the number 11 can be used by midfielders. Number 6 signifies holding midfield position. 7 is the most legendary and favourite number for every soccer player. The number 8 player is the person who dictates the game and pulls the strings. As for number 10, he is supposed to be the best dribbler in the team. The two wingers can be wearing number 7 and number 11.

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    For strikers, the jersey number 10 and 9 is the best. Number 9 is supposed to be a poacher; someone who can only score goals while standing inside the penalty area. When it comes to number 10, he is the one who dribbles past players and even if he doesn’t get to score, he does play passes which lead to goal scoring.

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