How to Self Publish a Book for Free

If you have just finished a novel or a book and want to get it out for the world to read, but are unfortunately bound by a limited budget, then self publishing it in an e-book format is the best way. The internet is a great resource, and can help you self publish a book for free. You can easily find many different websites offering self publishing services. Using some simple techniques and a little research, you can find the best place to self publish your book.


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    Decide the book's format

    You will have to decide on the format that you want for your book. Make sure to pick one that is commonly used and popular amongst internet or computer users. There are formats like pdf or epub, which are specifically designed to handle all the text and graphics to make a decent e-book.

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    ISBN number

    An International Standard Book Number (ISBN) is basically a barcode that helps identify your book amongst the millions of others throughout the world. You will have to decide if you want an ISBN number for your book. There are certain websites that do not require ISBN numbers while others have it as a mandatory requirement. If you plan on a broad-based internet marketing campaign for selling your e-book, then it might be a good idea to purchase an ISBN number.

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    Make a website

    Make a decent website that you can use to help market your e-book around the world. You can keep the e-book on the website available to anyone that wants to purchase it. Having your own website will definitely help you self publish your book for free. Your website should have a shopping cart feature so that you can sell your e-book online. Talk to the bank for a merchant account or search online for other payment options that you can easily use on your website.

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    Promotion and Marketing

    The key for successfully self publishing a book for free is to make sure that you have a decent marketing and promotional plan. Your e-book needs to stand out from the crowd and you also want to make some money from it, which is why having an effective marketing strategy is essential. Try to get your book published on different platforms that are starting to become popular amongst tablet and smartphone users as well.

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    You will want to make sure that you copyright your book so that nobody can copy, plagiarize or use your content without your permission. Talk to a lawyer that specializes in copyright law to help you out.

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