How to Sell Baby Clothes on eBay

Are you having a stock of kids clothing, as your children are overdressed and everything you bought them does not fit them anymore? Did you spend too much money on your kids’ clothing and some of them still have tags on them? Are you a brand conscious person and have a good stock of branded clothes?

If yes, then you do not need to sell that clothes in garage sale, as you can earn a lot of money, if you sell them online at eBay. It is a great place to sell used clothes and you will be offered good prices for your kids’ clothes that you do not need anymore.


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    First of all, you need to create an account at eBay. Moreover, it should have received minimal amount of positive feedback, which is required to sell items on eBay. Make sure you read the eBay’s terms and conditions, as they get updated with time to time. Whenever your account is ready to sell items, you can start selling your kids’ clothes online.

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    Take out all the clothes from the closet, which you think are not needed anymore. Sort all of them by gender and brands. Some of the most common kids’ brands that sell good on eBay include Baby Gap, Gap Kids, Gymboree, Old Navy, Under Armour, Nike and some others.

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    Take a lot of photos of the outfits, including their buttons, designs, collars and stains, if any. You should include everything that can help in giving a good idea about the outfit that you want to sell. Make sure you use a neutral background. Moreover, the colour of the outfit should not wear out due to the flash of the camera. Therefore, taking pictures in daylight is the best way to get real colours in the pictures.

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    Search for the same brands and products at eBay to check the average price you can get by selling them on the website. Also, you will have two options, whether to send them in auction or put them is buy it now section. Browse the website and check which method will suit you best.

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    Upload the pictures of your items on your eBay account and try to add the word “Lot” in the title, as many people buy a clothing lot at once. Therefore, this keyword will help you get more visitors to your product page.

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    You will then start getting inquiries for the products you are selling or the buyers will directly buy from eBay website. You will get an alert of the payment made and you will then have to send the items to the buyer.

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