How to Sell Comic Books

A stack of old and modern comic books sitting at the basement of the house serves no other purpose than occupying the space. Through little modifications in their outlook, they can be turned into a source of cash accumulation. More often than not, people are content with handing their book collection to the middlemen in return for a meagre sum. In doing so, they never think about the fact that the third party working between them and the ultimate buyer is making ten times more than what they get. The worse thing is that there is no rocket science to selling these comic books.

In this day and age, social media has opened up new horizons for making connections and accessing the target market. Pictures of the comic books taken from a digital camera can easily be presented before the whole world and valued through bidding from the interested parties. That can ensure the highest possible price of the books.

To know about particular ways to follow while selling comic books to right customers, a few methods mentioned below can serve as the starting point.


  • 1

    Evaluate books value objectively

    It is important to have an idea about the possible worth of books to be sold. Though their exact prices cannot be seen online, exploring the past transactions related to them can help a lot. For more information, price guidelines placed at comic stores should be studied. That can make it easy to decide whether books should be sold collectively or one by one.

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    Always hesitate selling collection at local store

    Local stores will never offer the price that can be fetched through an access to a wider market. Try as much as possible to know about the global market or even in one’s own country one can find areas where buyers willing to go to any extent in order to receive the desired books exist.

  • 3

    Visit online comic books websites for bidding

    Create a login at online websites. Before doing this, it must be made sure the worn out pages of the books have been slightly changed, for example replacing main pages with some attractive images or adding them alongside the text.  The online bidding is arguably the best way to get the right price of your books determined. You can sell the comics on Ebay or Amazon etc.

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