How to Sell Herbs via Mail Order

In this day and age, we are making mistakes with our health mainly because laziness has gotten into our lifestyles. We have a lot of information on how to do things right but it takes a lot of effort.

Recently herbs have become the ‘in’ thing as the benefits from these herbs are now coming into light. Traditionally herbs have been regarded as having great health value and with research authenticating those claims; many people are now looking to use them. Setting up a mail order business can be something useful if you have a supply chain for these herbs.


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    Make a Brochure

    This brochure should have the list of all the products that you have. It should be in physical condition that is printed on paper as well as in electronic form as a social media website page and even an auction type webpage. The first thing is to get the information to the people who may be interested. Get it out to the people in the mail as well as have it available at local stores. Once that is done, you can look forward to getting orders.

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    Take Orders

    You can take orders via internet as this will be a lot more convenient. Put some of these items on an online auction website in a fixed price format for a recurring listing of 30 days. This will save you some money as the 30 day listings cost the same as a 10 day fixed price listing. Plus you will increase your chances of selling more due to the longer presence. Also, have the option to order through a form available with the brochure to cater all market segments.

    Do put the links on your social media pages and discuss the products that are currently available. Make sure that you regularly update these pages and also keep on posting information about the importance of these herbs on the basis of researches being carried out as well as the traditions in various cultures that have prevailed over centuries.

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    Make sure that you do not delay in mailing the products. Orders will be slow in the start but once people are aware that you send the right things and on time, you will have better feedback and more people will start ordering from you. Make sure that you are consistent and you will be making some good money from this business.

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