How to Sell Metal Art

Art of all forms is a representation of pure creativity, and genres such as metal art are appreciated by a certain people, but if you enjoy metal sculptures, then you must be ready to go public, and the next step is to market your art and see if you can supplement your income with such a venture. It is also a way of gaining exposure and you might meet people of the same profession that would enhance your horizon of your work. The thing with art is that it takes time to sell, but if you are persistent and willing to jump to the financial side of things, it will pay dividends once you start making sales. You can sell your art both locally and online, and at the same time you will be building your image.


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    To sell art you need variety, and it also translates into making a portfolio, so buyers have a variety of things to look at, which will bound to convince them that you know what you’re doing. Cover all dimensions of your work, and in metal art, you need to make sculptures of all sizes and shapes.

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    Understand the art of pricing your art. This part is very important, in which you calculate the time you spent making a sculpture and most importantly cover the cost, and make profit as well. There are web sites that will guide you on selling your sculptures and help you work out how to put the right price.

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    Talking about websites, you need to build one of your own to showcase your art. Hand out fliers, containing information about your work and the name of the website where people can access your work. When you respond to people via email, it is always handy to put your signature beneath your email.

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    Venture out at craft fairs, and rent tables. It is another good way to market your work and this way you can get known to people by selling your metal art. Also place fliers and postcards with your metal work, so you get known to the people visiting the fair. Don’t forget to keep yourself updates with such events. You can find listing of craft fairs easily on the internet.

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    Scan for local stores who feature art work of local artists. Showcase your work there and you will find people asking about your work, but the key is to stay patient.

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