Tips for Selling Commercial Office Space in Montreal

Selling office space in Montreal is not as hard as it sounds because various businesses in the Ontario province headquarter in the city, and lot of them are always looking to buy office space. Another plus is the fact that a great number of commercial property dealers are available. Selling office space has also become easier with the help of various online agencies which target buyers very efficiently, but finding the right agent is still a big problem for many commercial property owners.  There are few easy steps to be taken in consideration before selling office space at the appropriate price. This guide will be helpful to sell office space in Montreal and get the price you want.


  • 1

    Get your property valuated

    Before you sell your property, you need to valuate it carefully. Write down all the expenses and determine the price, you want to sell on. You should also be knowing about fresh prices of office spaces in Dubai in order to get your property sale in lesser time. Below a list of valuators are mentioned.

    - Wise Blackman
    - Inverness Groupe-Conseil inc.
    - Crescent Commercial Corporation
    - LogiQual Inc

  • 2

    Advertise your property online
    There are numbers of options to advertise your property in order to get best price. You can advertise the office space for selling on online websites which is one of the best ways to get quick response. Here is the list of websites which deals in selling and buying of commercial property.

    Montreal Internet Advertising Services
    Advertise with us
    Montreal Free Online Advertising

  • 3

    Advertise your property through news papers

    You can advertise your property through various new papers which have good repute and circulation. These are some options for you in this regard:

    Montreal Gazette
    Montreal Mirror

  • 4

    Sell your office space through a property dealers

    you can also sell out your property through commercial property dealers who can help you in acquiring best price. They have got specialty in dealing such business and know the real worth of properties. Here is the list of leading commercial property dealers in Montreal:

    - Colliers International
    - Sutton Immobilia Inc
    - Colterra Realties Inc

  • 5

    Get quotes

    Once you have decided to sell out your office space, take the quotations from market to know the ongoing trend of fresh prices of commercial property. It will help you a lot to sell out your office space in best prices. Selling without having an idea of ongoing prices could cause you financial loss.

  • 6

    Choose the best client

    After you receive various requests for the buying of your desired office space, determine the best deal and make it done as soon as possible.

  • 7

    Acquire the services of a solicitor

    You should acquire the services of a good solicitor to do up the legal process. The solicitor will help in preparing the required papers. He will also help you to sort out the legal requirements involved in the process. Here is the list of leading lawyers of Montreal who deal in property selling business:

    - Grondin Savarese Legal Inc
    - Maria Olaru, attorney - Law Office

  • 8

    Get the Payments

    In the last step, you are required to get the payments according to the agreement. The payment can be received in form of cash, cheque or via postal money order.

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