How to Sell Used Flutes

The idea of selling used flutes seems quite simple but in reality it is a difficult thing to find potential buyers for used flutes. Most customers prefer to use new musical instruments because they believe that a used musical instruments would have lost its quality or would be too old for their liking. Same goes for used flutes.

But if you know the tricks, selling used flutes should not be that difficult. All you need to do is to prove by any possible means that the flutes you are trying to sell still maintain a good quality and the customer would get their money’s worth if they bought the used flutes from you.


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    Choose the best possible platform on which to sell the flutes. eBay, Amazon, a local music store, or taking help from classified advertisements are some possible options. Making your own website or a small company can be helpful in case you have a considerably large number of used flutes that you want to sell.

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    Ensure that the flutes you are putting up for sale play without any problems and their outer look must be excellent. Wiping the flutes with a damp piece of cloth to remove any dust is a good idea. Flute pads must not be worn out of position and un-even tone holes should be entirely flat. If that is the case, you need to replace the flute pads and press the tone holes just enough to make them flat. All up for sale flutes must be displayed in clean cases.

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    While advertising on websites like eBay, make sure that you tag along some pictures of the used flutes so that it will be easier for customers to get a feel of how the flutes look like from the outside. Also provide a short description of each flute that is up for sale. Writing a few sentences about the flute along with the picture of the flute leaves a very good impression on potential customers.

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    Set a reasonable price which should neither be too high nor too low. Posting too high prices will discourage customers and if the prices you post are too low, you will not make anything out of the deal. It always a good idea to browse the internet to get a feel of the worth of various brands of flutes and categorizing the flutes you are putting up for sale accordingly.

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