How to Sell Your Coupons Online

If you have been throwing or giving away the coupons you receive at counters of stores while shopping or receive them through post or even through email, stop at once. You can sell these coupon online at your convenience and earn a lot of money. You may not be aware that many people already do this and are earning whatever they can to get compensated for the amount they spend on their shopping trips. You just need to follow some basic steps and start selling coupons online the way other people do.


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    Start Collecting

    If you have not been receiving coupons most frequently or just ignoring them for some reasons, start collecting them now. In addition to getting coupons at the counters of shops and pharmacies and receiving them through mail, newspapers and magazines are other sources for you to start collecting coupons and saving them for the purpose of selling them.

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    Organise Them

    If you already have enough coupons or have started receiving them, start organising them in a right way. You can organise them according to the category. For example, food items, makeup stuff, medicines and other categories. You may also find a unique way to organise them, whichever you find more suitable.

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    Posting Coupons

    You can create an account on the online auction sites with your address and other details and next step is to start posting the coupons online. Once you do, you will start getting offers from potential buyers. This kicks off your business of selling coupons and finding a way to earn some money in spare time.

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    Pricing of Coupons

    Selling of coupons will depend how you price them. If you have more than one coupon in a category you can package them and price them as a lot. You can also think of other creative pricing formulas that can help you sell the coupons quickly and fetch reasonable money from their sale.

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    Payment and Shipping

    Clearly define rules for payment and shipping of coupons. If you have included the shipping cost in the total price of a coupon or a lot of coupons then offer free shipping service. You can also offer free shipping option to a buyer who buys the entire lot of coupons instead of one or two. Make sure you use a secure method of receiving payment such PayPal etc to avoid any fraud. This is a tricky part of selling coupons and you may find it difficult to receive payments if you do not have a secure method of payment.

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