How to Sell Your Stuff Online for Cash

We all have goods that we do not need but don’t feel like throwing them away. They may be worth a bit and others may be willing to pay to get these products. Instead of letting them lie around and create clutter in your room or the whole house, why not sell them and make some money. You could make quite a bit of cash by selling off some of your old stuff.

The best way to go about it is to go online as you will have the most clients available. Sell them and make some instant cash in the process.


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    Select Goods to Sell

    There are going to be many goods that will be available and you need to make sure that you pick the ones that are of value but you do not need them anymore. This is the first step as you will have to separate the products that need to go.

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    Prepare Them

    See their conditions and think if you were going to pay for them, will you yourself like them or not. If you are fine with using them yourself, get them into a good condition. Clean them and in case of clothing, ideally get them ironed as well. Prepare them so that they are presentable and do not look bad to the eye.

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    Photograph Them

    Take pictures of the goods. Make sure that you use a decent quality camera so that the goods can be properly seen. Having a clear background helps as well. Poorly taken pictures leave a bad first impression in the buyer’s mind and he or she may decide against buying your stuff if they do not look good. The picture is all the buyer has to see the product online.

  • 4


    Write an apt description. Do not exaggerate your products to sell them, this will come back to bite you. Make sure that you mention all the pros and the cons of the products so that the buyers can make an informed choice and leave you some positive feedback later on.

  • 5

    Auction Sites

    Put them on an auction site such as eBay. Start with a low starting price and having them in for bidding. If the item is not very common, you will be getting quite a few bids. You can also have the fixed price format if you are confident that you can sell them for a price of your liking.

  • 6

    Pickup Only

    This will limit the number of buyers interested but the item should still generate interest in eBay users nearby. Once the person comes to collect the product, he or she can pay you cash and you can handover the product.

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