How to Send a Text from Computer to Phone

No doubt, Text Messaging is the most admired feature among the mobile users these days. Without text messaging, life becomes really boring for the cell phone users.

This feature surely has multiple advantages. One can have a text chat with friends, while doing other stuff. Meanwhile, the cost of a text message is way less than a phone call.

Besides mobile to mobile, it is now possible to send text messages form computer to cell phone. But remember, you need to have an Internet connection for this.

All you need to do is to register with a free online text service. Quickly do this, and enjoy this fascinating feature whenever you want.


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    There are multiple websites that offer free text message service. It entirely depends on your network provider that which website would suit you in the best way.

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    Almost every website has a similar procedure. First of all, you need to register yourself. After getting a login name, look for the ‘Send a Text Message’ option.

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    A new page will appear with different options. Select the recipient’s network from the drop-down list, and add the phone number. If you are not registered, the website will ask you to enter a name.

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    After entering the relevant information about yourself and the receiver, write the message. Make sure the message does not exceed 160 characters. Push the ‘Send’ button, and wait for the onscreen confirmation.

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    Some websites offer only a limited number of text messages per day even to its registered members. However, if the website is charging you one specific amount, you can send as many messages as you want.

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    Sometimes, the messages sent from  computer reach the receiver slightly late as compared to the normal procedure. It is imperative that you mention your name clearly, so that the receiver can recognise you easily. Casual nicknames such as Tommy, Jimmy and Harry should be avoided.

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    A few website also offer the option of replying. If you stay online after sending a message, the receiver can respond.

    The receiver must reply as quickly as possible, because some websites don’t keep a record of the entire conversation once you have logged out.

    If someone is replying the messages sent from computer, he must understand that this could cost him a lot of money, depending on the charges set by the network.

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