How to Send a Video Text Message

Technology has made life easy these days, and one can always share the best moments with their loved ones without spending much time and money. All you need to do is capture time spent with your family and friends in a video and you can then send that video through your mobile phone to another person’s cell.

Imagine your baby doesn’t smile much and when he/she does so, there is no one around but you. In such a situation, you should stay active with your cell phone in your hand. As soon as your baby smiles, make a video and then show it to everyone in the family. You can do two things in such a scenario. One is to wait for your spouse to come, and the other is to send the video on his phone.

The latter option is a much better one and you should opt for it rather than waiting for others to come home. You will not have to wait much and the process is quite simple too. You just need to be aware of a few simple steps, and everyone will be a part of your joyous moments.


  • 1

    Make the video

    The first thing will be to make a video of your choice. It can be anything like your child’s smile, a good song, composition etc. You will have a couple of options available in your phone, when you hit the camera icon. You can go in the options and select ‘video’ in order to change the mode, and then hit the ‘record’ button. Your video will start recording and you can pause it or stop it as per your requirements.

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    Locate the video in the phone

    Once you have recorded the entire video, you will have to locate it in your phone. In order to do so, go to the gallery and look for ‘images and videos.’ You will see a list available there; where you can pick the one you wish to share with friends and family.

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    Choose the ‘MMS’ option

    After locating the video, go to the options and select the ‘multimedia messaging service.’ Attach the video in your message and add any caption you like.

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    Send message

    Now, enter the recipients cell number in the ‘To’ option and hit the send button, which is normally found on the right bottom of your screen.

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