How to Serve In Badminton

Whenever you are playing any sport, you have to be aware of all the techniques involved in order to take advantage over the opponent. There are some sports, which only require you to be physically strong and there are not many technicalities involved.

However, you will find that most of the games played all over the world require you to be technically strong. One such sport is badminton, where you need a perfect technique in order to defeat your rival. The most important feature of this game is serving, which can help you win matches regularly. Once you are aware of how to do it accurately, you will definitely be at an advantage.

Things Required:

– Badminton Racket
– Shuttlecock


  • 1

    Know which side to serve from

    When your score is even, you have to serve from the right side of the court. On the other hand, you have to change sides when your score is odd. Moreover, serve diagonally towards your opponent.

  • 2

    Use underhand while serving

    It is ideal to use an underhand technique while serving, especially if you are in a process of learning the game. This way, you will be able to avoid making mistakes and your opponent will be unable to counter attack aggressively.

  • 3

    Hold the racket firmly

    Take a firm grip on the racket, as that will help you get control over things easily. You can shorten the grip on the handle, if you are not feeling comfortable. Once you are into a rhythm, you can again get back to your normal position.

  • 4

    Keep the racket upside down

    Continue rotating the racket until it is upside down. This way, you will manage to hit the shuttlecock from the centre of your racket and generate more power.

  • 5

    Hold the shuttlecock from the edge

    Other than positioning the racket in the correct way, you have to hold the shuttlecock correctly as well. Make sure, you have only grabbed it from the edge, so that you can easily release it when going for the serve.

  • 6

    Move your racket forward

    Move and hold your racket forward, so that you can go for the serve comfortably. You have to stay in that position for a few seconds before going for the serve.

  • 7

    Focus and serve

    Focus on the top of the net and go for the serve. It is ideal not to go for a forceful serve, if you are a starter.

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