How to Set Goals for Athletics

Most people believe that athletics is just about physical strength, stamina, agility and endurance. However, a common man does not understand but an athlete has to be mentally very strong to compete at the highest level. An Olympic gold medal demands intense years of hard work and even the slightest mistake or distraction can spoil an athlete’s career. Just like other spheres of life, planning plays a decisive role in athletics as well. In order to achieve success in athletics, you have to set short-term as well as long-term goals for yourself or others if you are a professional coach.


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    Reach a certain level of competitiveness

    Once you start taking part in athletics, your initial goals should be short and performance based. Do not think that far ahead of yourself and just focus on enhancing your skills. Remember that if you become a high-quality athlete, success and achievements will naturally come along the way.

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    Day to day goals

    If you are a young runner or you are training a youngster, set a time to finish a lap and try to achieve your target. Do not lose heart even if you fail to achieve your goal in a day or two and keep trying. Once you start to achieve your objective regularly, you should look to improve on your time every single week. After a year or two, as you mature as an athlete, you should consistently try to beat yourself by doing better than the previous day each time.

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    Achieve a target in a certain time frame

    An athlete should make some short-term goals for themselves, which are little different to the day to day goals. Having assessed your strengths and weaknesses, you should decide where you want to see yourself after one year. After setting an objective, you must work extremely hard to achieve that.

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    Long-term goals

    An athlete must plan about his long-term goals at a very early age. If he is content by becoming a national level player, he has to work accordingly. However, those youngsters who dream about achieving success at the international level must work twice as hard as others.

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    Be practical

    All of your goals should be achievable. Setting unrealistic goals may sound amazing but you will end up disappointing yourself when you fail to achieve the objectives. Know your capabilities and plan accordingly. Remember never try to overdo it as you can suffer from various injuries that will make it difficult to train in the future.

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