How to Set Up a Tennis Net

Tennis is a fascinating game but before you can play it, you will need to know the right way of setting up a net. The task is easy and does not take too much time. However, you will need to be careful while taking measurements and securing the net to various anchor points. This is important to ensure that net stays at the optimum height while you are playing.

Things Required:

– Screwdriver
– Measuring tape


  • 1

    You will need to setup the tennis net in such a way that its posts are securely anchored into the surface and that they do not move under pressure. Attach the cable loop (found at the top of the net on both sides) to the hook located on top of each of the net posts.

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    Feed remaining section of the cable into the winding device that is mounted on top of each of the posts. The winding mechanism proves useful for keeping the net taut and maintaining the proper height. If the tennis net you are setting up did not come with a winding device, you will have to tie the excess cable length securely to the post multiple times.

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    Secure the net lacing by running it through the grommet at each post top and tightly winding it around.

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    Tie the rope tighter or use a winding device to tighten the top part of the tennis net. Use a screwdriver for this purpose. Your aim should be to completely remove the room between the net’s tape and the securing post. When that has been accomplished, the net is at the right tension.

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    Make sure that net tape is about 42 inches high from the ground near the posts. Make changes if required. Use a tape measure calibrated in inches to take the measurements.

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    Run the anchoring strap exactly through the middle of the tennis net. At both sides of the net, secure the anchoring strap to the hook mounted on the surface of the tennis court.

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    Finally, measure the net’s height at the centre of the tennis court and ensure it is 36 inches above the surface. Make changes if necessary to complete the task.

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