How to Set Up Voice Mail on the Droid Phone

A joint venture of Motorola and Google, the new Droid phone has plenty of fascinating features. It was named as the “Gadget of the Year for 2009” by Time magazine. With the latest Android operating system, the Droid phone is making plenty of fans.

The device offers several impressive features, including Voicemail. Setting up Voicemail on the Droid phone is really a simple procedure. And once it is set up, you can make it personalised. Voicemail feature gives the Droid phone user great freedom. One can comfortably add pictures and voice tags with the voice mail messages.


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    Incorporated by Google Voice, the Droid voice mail is full of fun. The procedure of setting up voice mail on the Droid phone starts with the opening of Gmail email account as well as Google Voice email account.

    The Gmail account is required to install application from the App Store. Downloading apps has become pretty simple now. Just connect your device to the Internet before tapping the App Store icon on your home screen. Type the name of the app in the search bar, and press Enter.

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    To set up the voice mail, you  need to press and hold the 1 key at least for a couple of seconds. This is the simplest way to access the voice mail on the Droid phone.

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    Once you have pressed the key, the device itself will show the relevant instructions. Follow the instructions to set up the account.

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    After completing the registration, you can access voice mail by pressing 1, or by touching the Voicemail icon that you will find on the home page.

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    After finishing with setting up the voice mail, you need to download Google Voice. This will make your Droid phone read the voice mails to you.

    Personalising the greetings and customising the ringtones for each contact is also a very useful option. In order to have different styles and aspects of using voice mail, you can install relevant applications from the Google Droid App Store.

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    To use Visual Voice mail, get a personalised PIN from Google. Once you have received your PIN, things will become way easier for you. Tap the Voicemail icon, and go straight to your voice mail account, where the new messages are waiting for you.

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