How to Shake Hands Perfectly

You might know how to shake hand, but do you know how exactly it is supposed to be done? Did you know that there are several people in the world who can easily judge your personality only by shaking your hand? It depends upon the grip, and depends upon how you meet up with them. Therefore, make sure that you leave a good impression on such people so they know what kind of a person you are. In history, two people shaking hands would explain that they are both without arms. However, today it is used for instilling confidence, trust, sophistication, mood and what not. In order to give out a perfect handshake, you will have to learn the following steps.


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    First things first, you must always extend your right hand. It is always advised that your right hand must always move out in order to shake hand with someone else. Why? It’s because there are more right handed people in the world as compared to left handed people. Moreover, the right hand is considered to be the more useful hand. Therefore, whenever you are extending a hand for a handshake, make sure it’s the right one; even if you are a left-handed person.

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    Once you have extended your right hand, the other person is going to repeat the same. This is called the meeting of the two hands. Now it depends how you want to tackle the other hand with a handshake.

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    Your thumb must always be pointed towards the other person’s arm. Make sure that your arm is bent downwards. This means that it will make a slight slant angle and your arm will be extended towards the other person’s right hand.

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    Once you have extended the arm and the hands have met, simply wrap your hand around the other person’s hand. This means that the thumb will overlap the palm and the fingers will be wrapped from underneath the palm. Your thumb and fingers will be pointing at each other at the back of the other person’s hand.

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    Make sure that you do not squeeze the other person’s harm too hard. Simply put a firm grip on the other hand and squeeze gently. Remember that people who want to crush other people’s bones are not really appreciated.

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    Do not spend too much time on holding other person’s hand and leave in about two to three seconds.

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