How to Share Parenting Responsibilities

The responsibility of Children’s upbringing is put into the shoulders of mothers in our society. However, it took two hands to clap. So both mothers and fathers have to play their role in the personality development of their child. Moreover, the children groomed under the guidance of both a mother and a father can benefit from more caring and enjoy well groomed personality in social, educational and professional life. So, are you ready to share parenting responsibilities with your life partner? Here we go…


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    Make your partner realize

    First of all make your partner realize the problems that you face while performing various activities of your children alone. Rather than quarrelling or blaming each other, sit together and exchange you views on parenting responsibilities. We are sure it will make your partner realize his or her household tasks.

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    Get your partner close to children

    Think of the various ways to get your partner close to your children in order to lay the foundation of a strong relationship.  Once your partner gets closer to the children, we can bet he or she would love to pamper them and get into their various activities. For example, when your partner gets back from office, started talking about the way your kid was missing his dad or mom. In this way, your partner can release his or her duties towards their children.

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    Create mom and dad duties

    Understand the working schedule of your partner and then divide the parenting activities accordingly. If your partner has a tough professional schedule, then you cannot put major responsibilities on his or her shoulders as it can worsen the situation. He or she can get harsh to the children due to workplace’s tensions and it can make the parenting process tougher for you. For example, if a father is back from nine hours work and you ask him to change the dipper of your kid – that is something really not fair at all. So sit together and divide the parenting activities, understanding each other’s situation.

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    Be flexible

    Once you divide the parenting activities with you partner, give him or her some to time to adjust. Help each other during the early days and it is even better if your help your partner in his or her activities until they get used to it.

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    Train your partner

    Your partner might not be aware of the tactics to handle children or about the placements of the kids’ items, so train them as a good partner. For example, if you have assigned him/her a job to help the children in doing homework, then you must tell them about the placement of the children’s bags, the various ways to motivate them and maximum time to be spend on this specific activity.

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    Appreciate your Partner

    Appreciate your partner in his or her struggle to assist you in the parenting activities. Scolding or discouraging activities can make the parenting activities boring for him / her.

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