How to Skid On a Fixed Gear Bike

More and more people have started purchasing fixed gear bikes over the years, primarily because these bikes are less expensive and require very little maintenance. Also, a small number of parts are used to manufacture a fixed gear bike which means that these bikes are light in weight. If you ride a fixed gear bike to work, you may want to add some style to your riding techniques. If that is the case, consider stopping your fixed gear bike by skidding it. Here is how you can safely skid a fixed gear bike.


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    Choose an area which is flat and has enough room for you to practice freely. Remember that you may fall off the bike quite a few times at the start which is why practice area has to be painful debris and gravels. Ride your fixed gear bike in a forward position.

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    Gain a fair amount of momentum because skidding on a faster bike is easier than skidding on a slower bike. Make sure that before you try to skid your bike, it is moving at a fair amount of speed.

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    Bring your bike in the skidding position. Throw the weight of your body towards the handlebars when the pedals of the bike reach the ‘9 and 3 o'clock’ position. This will reduce the weight on the rear tyre to a great extent so that you can bring the bike to a halt more easily.

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    Keep your body leaned over the over the handlebars and stiffen your leg which is close to the rear wheel of the bike when the pedal moves ahead of the 9 o'clock’ position. Simultaneously, pull up the bike with your other leg. If you are able to execute this move to perfection, the bike skid which means it will come to an immediate halt.

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    Keep the leg close to the rear wheel stiff for as long as you desire. If you decide to ride again, simply shift the weight of your body onto the seat once again and start paddling.

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