How to Sleep When You Work Night Shift

Night shift usually has timings of 10 PM to 6 AM and can disrupt sleep cycle of anyone who works at night. With the passage of time, your body will be adjusted to the new sleep cycle but it is very disruptive. Normally people sleep during night when it is dark and vice versa. In case you are working in night, you will face difficulty sleeping in daylight. It is compulsory to get a vigorous amount of sleep everyday in order to keep yourself healthy. You can follow few steps in order to sleep when you have a night job.


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    Sleeping is the most important thing

    You need to make sleep your priority. Studies show that a person should sleep for almost seven to eight hours a day in order to stay healthy. You need to sleep right after your night shift. Go to your bed straight after the work. After an eight hour shift, you will already be very tired. You will not have enough energy to watch TV or hang out with friends then. Simply set a sleeping time and follow it.

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    Create a sleeping environment

    You need to make a sleeping environment in your house. If you are sharing your room or living with family etc, you need to let them know how important it is to sleep for eight hours. You need to prevent them from making noise or watch TV in loud voice. You need to start preparing for bed early. You can do this by lowering the volume of radio or TV, dimming the light and putting curtains on. In order to sleep, you need to be relaxed and you can do this by writing, reading or even aromatherapy. Besides these, you can even turn off your phone so no one will disturb you and wear a sleeping mask in order to block the light.

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    Look out for your diet

    You need to refrain drinking caffeine during the end of your night shift. Remember that caffeine stays in your body for almost six hours after you have consumed it. Also keep in mind that chocolates and soft drinks are also source of caffeine so you need to drink decaffeinated coffee and eat fruits for sweet purposes.

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    Be serious

    In case you are facing problems while driving or operating machinery, you need to visit a doctor. Remember that shift work disorder is a condition which can be treated with prescribed medication.

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