How to Sleep With Hip Pain

Suffering from Hip Pain? We understand your condition that how difficult it would be to change position throughout the night. Although most types of hip pain are not serious, but it can lead to sleepless nights, stress, weakness and other health issues. As a result, your overall personal and professional life gets affected. The best thing you can so is, learn about the best possible solutions to sleep with hip pain and follow them properly. In this way, you would be able to sleep calmly all through the night. These methods don’t involve any medical procedures, but revolve around your sleeping patterns and some home remedies.


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    Avoid Strenuous Activities

    The strenuous activities prior to bed time can make your hip pain worse. It is better to stay away from all those activities that are tiring and involve bending. If you have to perform those arduous activities in any case, do them in the morning time or at least ask someone in around for help.

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    Bring an Ice Pack into Play

    Half an hour before going to bed, dab the affected area of your hip with an ice pack. Continue it for 10 to 15 minutes and then relax for the other 45 minutes, lying down with face side down. This simple technique is a guarantee of comfortable sleep for whole night as it amazingly reduces swelling and pain in your hip area.

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    Ginger can do Wonder

    Ginger is a best natural remedy for hip pain. Peel a piece of ginger, wash and crush it until smooth. Now swallow it with a glass of water or as it is. In case you find it spicy or difficult to swallow, you can at least take some ginger containing food items like Ginger Bread, Ginger Snaps or other it’s other supplements. Eat them few hours prior to bed time as food items take time in digestion and providing you with the desired results.

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    Relax with a Hot Bath

    At least one hour prior to going to bed, take your time in taking warm bath. It opens your skin pores and soothes the hip pain.

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    Try Stretching Exercises

    Once you take bath and step out of bathroom, close your room’s door and try some light stretching exercises for 3 to 5 minutes.

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    Glass of Warm Milk Works

    Put on your clothes and drink a glass of warm milk.

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    Select Proper Sleeping Position

    Once you practice the mentioned remedies, go to your bedroom and sleep on the non-painful hip side, with a soft pillow between your legs. Sweet dreams and a painless night!

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