How to Soothe Dry Cracked Feet

Cracked feet or Heel fissures is one of the most common problems working women face. This problem can be extremely painful and it also affects the look as your feet get extremely unattractive and dry. The main causes of the problem may include lack of moisture, standing for a longer period of time, dehydration in the body or not using the appropriate shoes. If not taken care of in time, the feet can bleed and the problem can further lead to an infection.  


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    Drink a lot of water

    You must increase the daily intake of water. This routine will keep your body hydrated for a longer period of time and will also aid in removing any toxins from it. This activity is extremely good for the skin and will help you in soothing the dry and cracked feet.

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    Consumer healthy fats

    Dry cracked feet can also be  caused by the deprivation of healthy fats in the body. DHA and EPA are two fats that keep your skin healthy and nourished. Eggs, fish, coconut milk or grass fed meats all help in developing healthy fats in the body and it is recommended to add these items in your daily diet plan.

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    You should exfoliate your feet regularly. This process removes any dry skin from the feet and helps in getting back fresh skin. You need to soak your feet in warm water before you exfoliate. Applying a foot cream when the feet are dry will give you the best results.

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    Use petroleum jelly

    Apply petroleum jelly to the affected areas on your feet and cover them with clean socks. Let the petroleum jelly work on the feet for a good two or three hours and you will see a visible difference on your skin.

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