How to Sort Your Bookmarks Differently on the Yelp for Android App

Mobile phones have come a long way and have enabled users to do many tasks with ease. One such task they can do on their mobile devices is to find nearby business places. Be it an Irish pub, a gas station or even a burrito joint, you can find all of these places to shop, eat and drink with ease with Yelp for Android.

It not only searches for businesses nearby you, but also has quick links to the favourite places based on customer reviews. You can read up what others have experienced at various places through their feedback on the app. It also enables you to find great deals by your favourite restaurants and helps you book a table with ease.

You can also see business addresses through maps on the Yelp app for Android, get their telephone numbers and then call them.

This article will explain how you can sort your bookmarks in your favourite way on this great app.


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    First of all, you need to make sure you have the Yelp for Android app installed on your device. You can do this via Play Store on your Android phone. Search for Yelp in the search menu on the Play Store and you will see the app there. Download and install it to proceed.

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    After you install, open the Yelp app on your Android phone. You need to have login credentials to proceed with the app.

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    Tap on the bookmarks icon which is present in the centre of the screen of your phone. If you are using Yelp already, you will see a list of all the bookmarked places you have saved. If you are using it for the first time, you can bookmark a few places first to see them in this list.

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    After opening the bookmarks, tap the menu button of your phone. This varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. Tapping the menu button will give you many options, and one of them is Sort. Tap on that.

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    You will then have three options available to sort the bookmarks. Distance From Me enables the bookmarks to be sorted using the distance of the business places from where you are present. The second option, Alphabetically, will sort the bookmarks in an alphabetical order while the third one, the Date Added will sort your favourite places date wise.

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    Select on the option which you want and Yelp will sort your bookmarks accordingly. That’s it. You have successfully learnt how to sort your bookmarks differently on Yelp for Android app.

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