How to Speak in Front of Large Audience

The time has come; the day is here!! You are about to speak in front of large audience. It is your chance to express yourself, to show your hidden communication skills and to prove yourself a good debater. Open your mouth and do not miss this golden chance at all. However, facing large crowd and speaking in front of them can be a nerve wrecking experience for some people. It is basically a “Phobia” and it can make your lose various golden chances in life to prove yourself. Methods are available to overcome this phobia and to speak in front of large audience. All you are supposed to do is, focus on them, practice and implement them.


  • 1

    Prepare the speech

    Extract best quality content for your speech and practice it few times at home. Memorize the speech and practice it in front or a mirror or your family members.

  • 2

    Make yourself note cards – if you like

    It is always best to memorize the speech, but you can carry small note cards with your, if you feel like forgetting the main points. However, do not fill the note cards with full sentences. You can write down few points in bullets. Make sure that your note cards are small enough to be covered in your palm. Arrange them in an order once you go to the rostrum.

  • 3

    Envisage the audience in their underwear!

    Be confident of yourself and your capabilities and deliver the speech impressively. Don’t be afraid of the crowd as they are simple human being like you. They give you importance and that is why sitting in front of you just to listen to your point of view. Don’t disappoint or bore them.

  • 4

    Be yourself

    You are simply the best the way you are. You don’t need to impress the audience with fake or temporarily adopted skills. Trust yourself, be yourself and give it best shot.

  • 5

    Make an eye contact

    Appropriate eye contact is must to grab the attention of the audience and to make a good speech. Although, eye contact is a non-verbal communication but it says all about you, your capabilities and preparation. You can make a good eye contact with a slight hard word. Check out the best possible ways to Make Eye Contact with your Audience.

  • 6


    Your serious attitude and personality can make the speech session boring for your audience, getting them off to sleep or diverting their attention. Keep a decent smile on your face while making eye contact with your audience. It is a simple process where you just have to win the hearts of your audience efficiently. Check out, How to Smile During a Speech.

  • 7

    Body Language

    Body language is another is another important form of non-verbal communication. Besides eye and smile, you can use your hands during while presenting. But, it doesn’t mean you have to act like a dance master, waving your hands in the air frequently. Make effective use of your hands whenever required.

  • 8

    Walk around

    Don’t stick to the rostrum and make best use of the available space. Walk among and around your audience, maintaining a good eye contact.

  • 9

    Ask questions

    Try to ask some relevant questions at the start or during the speech. It is a best way to keep your audience awakening and attentive. However, make sure to appreciate them for the answers or simply handover something light like chocolates, pens etc.

  • 10

    Be very careful about your voice pitch

    Make sure that your voice pitch is neither too sharp nor too slow.  Deliver the speech with high and polite voice pitch. Additionally, try to change up the speed and tonality of your voice in order to keep the flow of your speech exciting and winning for your audience.

  • 11

    Showcase your funny side

    A little bit of sober and genuine humor somewhere at the mid of your speech can be effective tool in keeping the audience involved and attentive. It is one among the keys to proficiently speaking in front of audience.

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