How to Spot a Fake Gucci Purse

With advancement in fashion and the contribution of the trend setters in the industry, the brands have become an essential part of fashion. Just like various other brands, Gucci is one of the eminent industries which have become vast in past few years.

Gucci is producing bags, shoes wallets and several other things, but it is best known for its bags. This is a common thing that when anything becomes famous due to its tremendous quality and huge demand, you can be sure to find the copy easily in market.

The worst part is that few customers turn out to be extremely unlucky because they unfortunately end up buying fake product in the same price as of the original one.

There are few techniques with the help of which you can be safe from the unoriginal items of Gucci


  • 1

    Before you plan to buy a Gucci product make sure that you have visited the official website, because it will help you in recognizing the real Gucci or fake.

    Carefully go through the website to see, which colours and designs are available, or else you might waste your money.

  • 2

    Always prefer visiting the original out let of Gucci, which is also mentioned on its official website do not choose anything from other stores until it has been mentioned on their reliable link.

  • 3

    Whenever you will ask for a Gucci bag the product will be covered in a dust bag, it will have a Gucci symbol printed over it. Gucci products are always wrapped in a dust bag, this is another way to find the real Gucci.

  • 4

    Check the inner side of the bag carefully and examine the material if it has the Gucci symbol on it or not.

  • 5

    Carefully examine the stitch, it has to be neat and knots threads should not be untidily visible on the bag.

  • 6

    The handle of the bag’s originality has to be checked, they should match the material of the bag.

  • 7

    Whenever you will open a brand new Gucci bag a company card will be seen inside, which is basically the proof of its originality.

  • 8

    Do not forget to see where it is made. All Gucci bags are made in Italy so if any other place is mentioned then it is for sure a fake product. Do check the card carefully and see if there are any grammatical mistakes and read the Gucci symbol and spelling carefully.

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