How To Spot Fake Louboutin Shoes

The famous “red soles” of Christian Louboutin have gained momentum over the years. Louboutin shoes are typically red-soled and are widely known for this; so of course, one of the first things you should note when you go shopping for authentic Louboutin shoes is the fact their soles should be red.

Of course, red soles are a relatively easy feature for counterfeiters to mimic and you’ll need to arm yourself with knowledge of a few more tips for spotting fake Louboutin shoes. You can read on to see 7 simple but foolproof tips that will help you spot the fake stuff from a mile away:


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    The soles of an original pair of Louboutin shoes will be made of leather and therefore should be glossy. Anything other than this is a red flag, so take note.

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    The Text

    Authentic Louboutin shoes carry a unique signature stamp, with the name imprinted the shoes in a certain way. First, the loop of the “L” must almost touch it's body, but on most replicas, there is a gap between the body and the loop of the L.

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    The Stamp

    Lots of people have come to assume that the “vero cuoio” stamp, is a sign that a pair of Louboutin shoes is fake, given that recent releases of these shoes do not typically bear this stamp. However, this is not always conclusive evidence, as older versions do tend to carry the stamp, and even a few newer versions still carry it.

    The key is to carry out some research on the type of Louboutin shoes you want before you go out there and make a purchase. For example, a “guerilla” Louboutin with a “vero cuoio” stamp is a fake.

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    Louboutin shoe's do not come in regular shoe sizes. It is known that the shoes are marked not as a whole, but as a whole and a half. For example, the shoes come in Size 38 and a half and not a 5 or 6. Its heels are marked in full though.

    Fakes on the other hand tend to make shoes in full sizes because it is easier and cheaper.

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    Most Louboutin shoe heels come in one color. For example, if the shoe is beige, the heels are likely to be the same, although some authentic Louboutin shoes may come in black heels. Again, it is important to conduct some research on the pair of shoes you want to purchase and familiarize yourself with their original characteristics before buying.

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    Original Louboutins have perfect stitching on their products. There is no thread out of place, or glue sticking out, but refined clean cuts at the appropriate places. Most fakes out there will have an over lapping at the back of the shoe, and other similar signs of sloppiness which is definitely not Louboutin style.

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    Original Louboutin shoes come in beige colored boxes that are strong. For each box, depending on where you buy them, you get either one or two dust bags along with spare heels. These tiny bags come in red or white, depending on the factories they were made at, but what you need to watch out for is the quality of the material. The material of the dust bag should have a soft, velvety and smooth-like feel.

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    When next you go shopping for Loubouttin shoes, keep these tips in mind and you are sure to make the right choice. For even greater assurance and peace of mind, try doing your shopping at reputable stores only.

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