How to Start a Freight Brokerage Business at Home

Starting a freight brokerage business at home is not as hard as it sounds. Typically, delivery broker Agent Company serves as an intermediary between people and businesses who have freight to ship and providers willing to deal with their deliveries. To be successful in this extremely competitive environment, you should look to build strong relationships with dependable, competent providers and look for ways to reach out to those in who are looking to acquire your services. Keeping these things in mind, you can easily earn income by organizing the movement of freight while working from home.


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    Gain some experience in the shipping industry before setting up your own business. Working for a transporter or service provider will help you to get ready for the job. You should also consider gaining valuable experience as a broker of an established delivery broker agent.

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    Consider obtaining all the required permits and certifications. Contact the department of licensing and inspections to find out the requirement for a business license.

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    It is the time to obtain a delivery broker certificate from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety. You will also need to finish an Engine Property Carrier and Broker Power application for a non refundable fee.

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    Find a cheap insurance provider and get glued. Select an industry for your delivery broker agent. Concentrating on a particular regional area, kind of freight or kind of delivery will help you evaluate yourself as an expert within your industry. The process will make the marketing of your services extremely easy.

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    Dive into trade internet directories and publications to identify the providers. Sometimes it is a good idea to search for word-of-mouth recommendations. Select providers that can help you provide the right kind of services to your customers.

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    Now make a delivery broker agent strategic plan. Put down all the facts and figures on a piece of paper including how you will start and run your company on a regular basis. You should also consider how you are going to finance your business to figure it out if you will need to seek a business loan.

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    Find a suitable place to set up a house business workplace for your delivery broker agent company. Buy the necessary equipment for your workplace and supplies, including a computer, printer, paper, pencils and a fax machine.

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    Purchase a software application to use in your delivery broker agent. You will need delivery broker agent application as well as programs to deal with customer data base and accounting.

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