How to Start a Janitorial Cleaning Business

Starting a janitorial cleaning business can provide you with a highly popular and profit making venture. Even if you work on your business on a part time basis, it can provide with some extra income. Many medium and large sized companies require janitorial services on a regular basis. The demand for high quality janitorial cleaning services is currently high. Most companies do not want to keep in-house janitorial staff and prefer to hire others to handle their cleaning needs after hours. Having the right plan and organising yourself can help you create your own janitorial cleaning business with some success. If you are willing to work hard and have some working capital, then starting a janitorial cleaning business could be right for you.


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    Make a Business Plan:

    Having a complete business plan will help you stay focused and impress any potential investors to your ideas. Obtaining a potential business loan usually requires a complete business plan.

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    Take care of all Legal Issues:

    Before starting a janitorial cleaning business it is important to hire a decent lawyer to help you register your company and obtain all the proper licenses or permits. Your lawyer can also help you with other legal issues that might need some attention before you begin your business.

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    Develop Customer Base:

    Understand your customers and the services that they might require. This will help you decide on the types and size of equipment you might want to invest in.

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    Develop Services List:

    It is important to develop a list of the services which you will be providing with your janitorial cleaning business. Also, rates and billing procedures should be developed to help your customers. Remember to be flexible and add different types of cleaning services that your customers might require.

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    Purchase Janitorial Cleaning Equipment:

    Depending on the size of your potential jobs, identify and purchase the janitorial equipment that you may need. Also, having someone handle maintenance of your equipment should be organised. Purchase easy to use equipment that is durable and can be maintained in a simple manner.

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    Hire and Train Employees:

    Having the right staff is always important in any business. Be sure to hire and train staff that is not bothered by working late at night as this is the usual time companies have their janitorial services done.

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    Advertising and Networking:

    In order to get a large customer base it is imperative to do networking and advertise your business. Newspapers, internet and office-to-office handing out of your company brochure is an excellent way for your janitorial business to get some exposure.

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