How to Start a Metal Recycling Business

Starting a metal recycling business is not as hard as some of us may think. All metals including gold, silver, copper, iron and platinum are commodities. Prices of these metals are different as they depend on their abundance and natural reserves.

Typically, prices of commodities are variable, which means either increase or decrease on a daily basis. However, in general prices of metals do increase in the long term. A lot of people see a recycling of scrap metals as an excellent business opportunity. If you are one of those people, look nowhere else but read this article.

If you can put pieces of the puzzle together in this extremely profitable business, there is nothing better than that. According to the stats released by the American Metal Market, the metal recycling market experienced growth in every month in 2010.

Experts have predicted this trend to continue in the upcoming years and those who are willing to invest in this business could reap the rewards in the future. Turning the wasted material into useful raw material, the recycling centers are playing a key role in stabilising our economy. According to sources, nearly 89.1 million tons of metal is recycled every year. With demand of metal recycling growing with each passing day, it will not be a bad idea to start a new business in this area of work.


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    Firstly, you will need to think of ways of reusing scrap waste. Familiarise yourself with the types of metal being recycled these days. If possible, hire an assistant who can help you make tough decisions. Look for up to date information on the recycled metals market prices to work out if your business can turn into a profitable venture.

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    Try and visit the local metal recycling center to examine their operations. It will also help you form bonds with important people. Talk to the experienced people to avoid making mistakes.

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    Then comes the hardest part, which is to look for scrapped metal everywhere. Talk to the local manufacturers and see what they can offer you. Sometimes, it is good idea to talk to the hotels, restaurants, bars, gas and electricity facilities, hospital and factories for collecting waste material.

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    Turn the scrap metal into raw metal by processing it at the plant. Several process including sorting, cutting, weighing and compacting must take place to ensure the metal meets the required standards. Consider promoting your business by preparing a suitable marketing strategy.

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