How to Start a Talent Booking Agency

Talent booking agencies secure work for artists, celebrities and models by representing them after negotiating fees. To run this business successfully, you require firsthand knowledge of the entertainment industry, the type of contracts used in this business and excellent interpersonal skills.


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    The first thing to decide is which type of talent you will be looking to book.

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    Before you start, you need to contact all the concerned departments of the government in order to get the necessary licenses and permits for a talent booking agency.

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    Now scout a suitable place for your office. You can also start this business in your own house but make sure that the house chores don’t get in the way of your work. It is imperative to get a dedicated phone and fax line so that you are always reachable. A computer and a printer will also make for good investments later on.

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    You need to publicise your business, there isn’t any point of trying to run this business without actually reaching out to people. You should stock business cards, fliers and brochures for marketing purposes. Also create a website through which people can reach you.

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    Consult a lawyer to draft a proper talent agency contract, which will need to be signed by the talent you hire. This mutual agreement between you and your talent helps the business run without any problems, as the talent knows what to expect, while you are aware of what needs to be given to the talent. However, the contract should be designed in a way that customising it later according to different cases is easy.

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    The next step is to decide on a payment type for your services. Agents can charge a percentage, mark up the artist's rate or a flat-fee.

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    You can use the talent industry trade association to contact talent or you can contact other agencies to get exclusive talent.

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    When dealing with another agency to hire talent, you need to sign a contract with all the concerned parties.

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    Maintain contact with other agencies on a daily basis and scout for fresh talent.

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