How to Start an Online Business with Very Little Money

Internet has become a platform where anyone can start a business and make money online. Starting a business usually takes money as they say “it takes money to make money.” But thanks to Internet, this old adage seems to have been proven wrong, although successful business do take money at the start.

If you are wondering how to start an online business with little cash in hand, create a list of expertise you possess and search Google for websites that are related to these skills. However, creating a full-fledged business will take time and a lot of effort and creativity.


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    Make a list of skills you possess

    Before you think of creating a website and start earning money, you should make a list of expertise you have. The list will help you present yourself to people and prospects. The list can be created on a simple MS Word document. For instance, if you are a good writer and have all it takes to write for people, mention your skills and make a brief introduction of your work experience ( if you have). Similarly, you may have expertise in photography.

    You can also turn this hobby into a proper business. The list of your skills should look like a portfolio or a profile that can be used as a tool to introduce yourself on the Internet.

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    Create a website

    Now you need to put these skills on a platform where people can have a look at what you can do for them. For this, you will need a website. Since web development requires technical expertise, spend a little money to get a website built by a professional web developer.

    You can create a website with little money. You do not need a fully loaded, state-of-the-art website because there are many features that can require huge cash. So, keep it simple at the start. Create a homepage that describes your services and introduces your business.

    Mention your major skills at the top of the page. Use bold fonts to highlight prominent features of your services. In order to get in touch with people who take interest in your services, you need to have a contact page.

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    Create a blog

    Blogs are free. You can sign up on blog services such as Blogspot or WordPress to have your own page. Blog is a better idea if your financial position does not allow you to spend too much on website. Blog will improve your Google search ranking if you get it integrated into your website. Your web developer an do it at a little fee.

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    Get free traffic through search engines and start serving customers

    Once your website has been built, you can start SEO (Search Engine Optimization). You can do SEO through an SEO service available on the Internet. Paid campaign like AdWord of Google is also pretty effective when it comes to generating traffic.

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