How to Start Hedge Trimmer

Hedge trimmers are one of the most effective garden tools. They save a lot of time and do the job efficiently and perfectly well, but they also require additional safety measures from start to use. The start of trimmer is a job that especially needs to be done carefully. For example, it is a must for you to lock the trimmer’s blade, and ensure fuel tank is filled with stabilized fuel. Also, do not let your kids be around you while you start the trimmer, it poses a considerable safety risk to them. You should also wear safety equipment while using a trimmer.


  • 1

    Lock Blade

    Lock blade of the hedge trimmer with the level lock before starting. The blade is very sharp tool with the trimmer and attempting to start the trimmer without locking blade poses a serious safety risk. Never attempt to start it without locking the blade.

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    Setting Throttle Trigger

    Setting the throttle trigger is the first practical step towards starting the trimmer. Set the switch of the trimmer to diagonal position and slide the switch to set the trimmer at starting throttle position.

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    Cold and Warm Start

    The trimmer has two options, cold and warm starts. For cold start position, you should set the choke lever to the diagonal icon position and for the warm start, the lever should be set to the horizontal icon position.

  • 4

    Fuel Primer Bulb

    After setting the choke lever to the position for the first cold and then warm start, press on the fuel primer bulb at least five times to start the hedge trimmer. Leave the blade locked with the lever lock until then. Also, try to control and prevent the trimmer from moving or jerking around. It can be a considerable safety risk to you.

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    Removal of Cutting Blades

    To start the machine, put it on the ground and fit in your right foot to hold it tight to the ground. Be careful and fit in your foot properly, so the trimmer does not move. Also, do not remove your shoes/garden boots. Before starting, remove the cutting blades from their cutting scabbard and then attempt to start the trimmer.

  • 6

    Pulling Starter Rope

    Pull up the rope until it feels grabbed. Do not pull the rope too hard as there is a fair chance you will break it. Give the rope a few jerks but do not attempt to pull it completely out of the reel on which it is wrapped.

  • 7

    Running Engine

    After the trimmer starts, move the choke to horizontal icon position and keep pulling the starter cable until the engine starts to run. Then pull the throttle trigger and shift the slide control to the 'I' position. At the end you can remove the cutting blade from the lever lock.

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