How to stay calm when you are angry

Anger is a totally normal emotion that we all experience from time to time. Depending on personality type, we all have different ways of managing our anger and venting out our emotions. Without being able to manage ourselves in times of anger, we allow anger to bring out the worst in you. This will create ugly episodes in our professional, social and private lives.

Whether you are the type to keep your anger bottled in and let it cripple you from within or have it explode in a blind rage both of which are unhealthy ways to manage anger. Read on to find ways to stay calm when you are angry.


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    Go For A Walk

    Instead of bursting out in extreme rage by doing something you might later regret, why not go for a quick walk. It helps when you get away from the situation that triggered the anger. So just take a walk for as long as it takes until you know you are totally calm.


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    Do A Deep Breathing Exercise

    Deep breathing exercises have also been clinically deemed as an effective means of calming down whenever one is angry. The moment you feel the anger rising quickly counter it by inhaling and exhaling for as many times until you are sure you have a lid on it.

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    Set aside some quiet time to think through the negative emotions you are feeling. Visualize a peaceful scene and gradually you will find yourself easing all that anger out of your body like sweat. So instead of kicking your couch and injuring yourself in the process, why not try meditating on the whole situation and allowing yourself to ease out off the anger.

    Meditating also allows you to look internally to see what the source of your anger is. For example, you might explode on a junior colleague if you believe that your immediate boss takes you for granted. By understanding your underlying issue you can begin to work at the root and not try to “fix” the symptoms.  


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    Healthy Distractions

    Whether it is you listening to your favorite song, watching that hilarious YouTube clip or a book you can dive into, find some form of distraction to help you feel calm again. Note that this should not be a substitute for a more permanent solution such as meditation but a healthy distraction every now and then will help you keep a cool head.

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    Think Of Yourself As The One In Control

    Do not allow anger to get the best of you, turning you into someone you cannot recognize. This calls for inner strength anyone can cut loose and succumb to base impulses but it takes real conscious effort to maintain your composure. At first it will be hard, like the first day at the gym but with time you will have the inner strength to subconsciously react positively anytime the anger kicks in. A constant effort has to be put in and gradually you will find yourself controlling your anger in the best positive way that you can.


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