How to Stop Binging and Purging at Night

Binging means the urge to eat during the night while purging means that you try to get rid of the food once you are stuffed with it. Purging may involve vomiting or even in-taking diuretics. Many would even exert their body during the night so they can somehow get rid of the stuffed food which they eat because of their eating disorder. The name of this disease is bulimia and if you are suffering with this, then you need to find a way to get rid of it. It’s unhealthy and one must know how to kill the urge to stuff food during the night.


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    For starters, you need to know your stressors. People mostly start binging because of stress. They can’t sleep and they feel the urge to eat more food. This, in return, would stuff you up. However, once the stress kicks in again, the food you have swallowed becomes a problem to digest. You feel that you have eaten a lot and want to, somehow, get rid of the food you have eaten. In order to do that, one would either take medicines or start vomiting so that he/she can throw the food out quickly. Try to know what stresses you, write it down and try to get rid of it.

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    You need to start eating healthy food only three times during the day. Three healthy meals should be enough for you to carry on with your day. Soon your body will get accustomed to eating for only three times. If you aren’t eating for a long period, you will notice how binging will be the only option left during the night. Try to have a proper diet plan and follow it strictly.


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    Try not to eat too fast. At times when you eat fast, the food lumps which you swallow become too big to digest easily; hence, the purging. In order to avoid purging, you must eat food slowly. Doctors suggest that it’s healthy to chew your food nearly 20 times before you swallow it.

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    Be honest to yourself. If there are places you have been invited to and you think that going there will just increase the amount of stress, simply learn to say no. Start talking to yourself and be honest. This will really help you eradicate the whole problem.


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    You can also ask a friend to join you. This is really helpful at times. Once you have a partner to do something alongside, you will feel more comfortable in executing things.

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