How to Stop Getting Brain Freezes

Brain freezes are minor headaches caused a nerve reaction. When you eat something cold and hits the roof of your mouth, it triggers a nerve reaction. This nerve reaction then triggers swelling of nerves in your head which in return causes the headache. Brain freezes are, in other words, caused when you eat something cold that your nerves cannot take. Even though brain freezes are not dangerous, it is still recommended to avoid them. These minor headaches can ruin your day so why not keep them from happening.


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    Do not eat cold foods that trigger nerve reaction. If you are regular with brain freezes, avoid cold foods for good. Of course, this does not mean you entirely leave out all the goodies. You can bring these cold foods to a temperature where they do not hurt you. Your ice cream may feel a bit melted but it would be worth it if it is not causing you any trouble.

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    Do not eat in one go. Try to take every bite with a few seconds of rest in between. This way, you will allow your mouth to warm up a little. Of course, everyone loves to gobble down that tasty ice cream but you need to go a little slow to make sure no nerve reaction takes place.

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    Do not let cold foods hit the roof of your mouth. If you are a regular sufferer of brain freezes, make sure you are locating cold foods on the side of your mouth. This might not be easy initially but once you practice it, it will be good enough to carry on for a lifetime.

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    Do not eat a lot of cold foods during warm days. Remember, a brain freeze occurs when the mouth experiences a change in temperature. During warm days, try to avoid extremely cold foods.

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    Try to use your tongue to melt down ice cream in your mouth. This way, you will avoid the cold temperature hitting the roof directly.

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