How to Stop Hand Pain from Excessive Writing

Writing for long hours isn’t an easy job at all, especially when you are not typing and printing everything on the paper with the help of a pen. You get tired very easily and it is not your fault but the strength or the type of pen you are holding. Moreover, it has to do with the style of writing and the pressure on the pen that you exert to develop a print of a word on the page. It is not easy to retain concentration and complete an essay with a hurtful hand but you can enrich a method in your writing style that will help you to sustain energy and keep you going for long.


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    Go to the shop and try all sorts of pens that are available for purchase. Write a considerable paragraph with one pen and do it again with another unless you find one that is the best from the lot. You have to make sure that the pen you are using is comfortable in your hand. Pens with wider barrel and padded grip are usually easy to handle and allows you to write for longer time with less strain. Try to find one that suits your fingers.

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    When writing a long essay, don’t put a lot of pressure while holding the pen. Just handle it loosely but make sure that it doesn’t affect your writing. Just make sure that you don’t have to press hard with your fingers because after sometime it will start to hurt.

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    Never push the pen harder on the page. Write slowly and with a lose grip. If your pen is good and smooth in writing, you won’t have to take tension about pressing it hard on the page to print a word.

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    Don’t use your fingers to write or draw rather use your arm and move it around. Place your arm at rest and move your wrist rather your fingers while writing. You should write in the same manner as you are writing on a whiteboard; using the entire arm including elbow movements etc.

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    Evaluate your hand positioning and find the most comfortable position to write. You shouldn’t change your positioning during the writing because it can change the optimum rate at which you write and it can directly frustrate you.

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    Practice a decent posture and also take breaks during writing.

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