How to Stop Nail Biting Habit

Nail biting is common among adults and children alike. It not only damages the shape of the nail but can also cause some health problems as the skin around the nail becomes vulnerable to various skin infections.

One of the reasons why people bite their nails is an economic one. Very often, according to research by psychologists, people bite their nails while shopping. This is due to the fact that their mind is troubled to make a choice. Also, adults can chew nails while solving their financial problems, thinking about the economic situation in the country, as well as their own fate.

Scientists explain this act occurs due to excessive intellectual and mental stress while psychologists believe that people with low self-esteem start chewing their nails. As a rule, people who have this bad habit do not even notice what they are doing unless someone tells them. There are a few effective methods to stop biting his nails.


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    To cope with this bad habit, it is necessary to observe your behaviour and understand what is the reason behind it?

    Self-control is the key behind getting rid of this habit.

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    When you have the desire to chew your nails, you should distract yourself by indulging in some other matter. Try not to become nervous on trifling events. Learn to control your emotions and eventually your habit will disappear itself.

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    Do not let yourself get bored and try to spend free time reading, writing and playing sports.

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    Buy a special bitter nail polish which will definitely help you in getting rid of this bad habit. The unpleasant taste of the transparent nail polish will discourage you as soon as there is a desire to nail biting.

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    Try to find about infections associated with nail biting. You should convince yourself that it is a bad habit which can get you in trouble on medical grounds. Imagine picking up an infection every time you put your fingers in your mouth. Consequently, the desire to continue the process you will disappear.

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    Try to wear gloves, if possible, all the time, if you have failed to get rid of this bad habit through other means.

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    Introduce a perosnal penalty in case you start nail biting. For each nail bitten, punish yourself, for example, a few laps around your home.

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