How to Stop Taking the Vivelle Dot

Vivelle dot is considered one of the most effective medications for reducing the symptoms of menopause, a disease where women suffer from vaginal itching and dryness. Menopause can be very irritating and hard to bear but if dealt with proper care, you can reduce the causes in a short time. Despite of being such a high potency vacancy, many experts recommend the use of Vivelle dot to those who had been suffering from the pain. Not to mention, there are a few drawbacks of the product but the benefits are greater.


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    Watch out for side effects

    Due to its extensively high potency, vivelle dot has numerous side effects. It is the responsibility of an individual to watch for these side effects and consult your doctor in a timely fashion. The most common side effects of vivelle dot are skin redness, vomiting, weight fluctuation, headache, chest pain or breast softness. It is applied in the form of a patch to the suffered area of the skin. If you are suffering from multiple or any of these side effects, you must immediately take away the patch and call your doctor. Some experts argue that vivelle dot also causes pain in breasts or vagina and it may lead an individual to a depression. Make sure you have informed the doctor about the severity of the situation and the doctor is on his/her way.

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    Request for lighter medicine

    If you have had enough of the vivelle dot and do not consider the advantages greater than the side effects, you should request your doctor for a medicine with much lighter dose. In most cases, the doctor advises vivelle dot to control the problem on urgent basis. Now might be the right time to get rid of vivelle dot and start taking something lighter. According to the prescribing information on vivelle dot, a patient must switch to something of much lower potency if she is suffering from multiple side effects. Not to mention, there is a strong possibility that no such side effects will be faced if the user switches to a lighter dose.

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    Switch to a different medicine

    After discussing your case with the doctor, he will suggest you with a couple of alternatives for vivelle dot. You must discuss each medicine in detail with your doctor and switch to it according to your doctor’s directions.

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