How to Stop Wooden Drawers from Creaking

Research has shown that wood drawers and runners underneath contract or expand as humidity and temperature of the environment change. When this happens over a long period of time, the runners lose their strength and cause drawer to stick and creak when you open them. Drawers usually creak more in hot and humid seasons rather than winter. If you are experiencing such problems, you will be glad to know that creaking drawers can be fixed very easily. You will need only a few minutes of your time and a few simple materials to keep your drawers safe from creaking.


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    Firstly, consider pulling drawers out gently. Take a wet cloth to remove any dirt off the drawers. This will let you keep your hands safe from bacteria and other harmful microorganisms. Now put the runners on a table so you can start inspecting the drawers. Look for any signs of damage such as broken pieces or loose ends. If you spot any loose pieces, consider hammering the sides softly into place. Apply glue on any broken pieces so they stay in their place. It is recommended to purchase the best quality wood glue. Poor quality glue can make the runners vulnerable to creaking.

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    You will be required to inspect the runners as well. If their surface is rough, consider using fine sandpaper to sand them slightly. Buy paraffin wax or liquid beeswax from your local hardware store. Apply a thin layer of it on the runners. Paraffin wax and liquid beeswax have the ability to lubricate the runners so the drawers can be opened or closed smoothly.

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    Buy a self adhesive nylon tape if you don’t have one already. Consider a cutting piece of it to fit the length and width of the runners for a permanent solution. Applying nylon tape on the runners is very easy. Consider pulling the adhesive tape off the back and then position it on the runner. It is advised to press down on the tape so it does not come off. Use a utility knife to cut off tape from the sides of the runner. This will also make the runners look tidy.

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    After applying the nylon tape, put the drawers back into the furniture. Consider closing and opening them a few times to check if they are sliding smoothly without sticking. If you find any creaking, you should repeat the process.

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