How to Stretch the Toe of a Shoe

One of the common problems with shoes is that when you are buying them, they seem perfectly fit. But they start feeling tight on your feet once you get home and try them on. Therefore, people usually have to give away their brand new shoes to someone whose feet can fit into them perfectly. However, for the knowledge of such people, there are now different options to solve this problem. One of them is that you should take the shoes to a shoe repairman who will stretch them. However, if you want stretch the shoes at home yourself then there are two ways to do so. To find these two methods of stretching the shoe, go through this guide in which will tell you how to stretch the toe of the shoe.

Things required to stretch the toe of the shoe:

– Stretching Solution
– Shoe Stretcher


  • 1

    Method 1:

    You can stretch the toe of a shoe by spraying a stretching solution on the top side of the toe of the shoe. Keep in mind that there are also some stretching solutions available in the market which recommend spraying from inside of the shoe.

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    Take a shoe stretcher and put it inside the shoe, when it reaches the toe portion twist it to open until it gets taut enough to apply force. Then, leave the shoe in this condition for the night and next day repeat the same procedure with the other shoe. It is suggested that you should keep the shoe stretcher inside the toe portion until you want to put the shoe on.

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    Method 2:

    To maintain the added size of the shoe it is necessary that the wearer should wear them with thick socks for several hours.

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    After wearing the shoes with heavy socks you should wait for one day before trying them with regular socks. In this way you will get to know whether the shoe requires some more stretch or not. If yes then use the shoe stretcher again in order to repeat the aforementioned process.

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