Steps To Study Automotive Engineering

The increase in ability to travel long distances in shorter amount of time is one of the greatest factors in progress the world has seen in the last hundred or so years. It has made possible the movement of materials from one place to another and allowed technology to be utilised which was previously not possible.

It’s not all about the high speed planes or the improved standard of ships but the advent of the common car that really got things moving. A smaller vehicle can be utilised to transport both humans and materials to a shorter distance at a high speed. Moving a few tons weight a couple hundred miles now only takes a few hours not days.

It’s not just about moving the materials as travel has also become easy for people. The world has hundreds of millions of automobiles of all kinds on the road. Needless to say that automotive industry has a massive demand of man power. The industry is now largely mechanised but human involvement can never by cut out of it altogether and there is always a demand for more technically educated people.

So if you are a motor head who loves to fix his friend’s cars or improve his Chevy Camaro, automotive engineering could be for you.


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    Get Good Grades

    The first thing to do is get good grades in the high school and then score well on your SAT’s. This will help you in getting an admission in a good college or university.

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    You will need to get four years bachelor’s degree in engineering. If you can get a spot on an automotive program, there is nothing like it. However, if that option is not available, then choose subjects that are closest to the field. Mechanical engineering may just do the trick for you in such a situation.

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    Engineering College
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    Once you have completed your degree, you will need to take an exam to be able to become an engineer in training or an EIT. You will be required to fulfill certain experience requirements before you can take an exam for a Professional Engineer license, also known as PE. Generally it requires four years of experience in most states.

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    Make sure that you are associated with automotive industry before you get your PE. It can be with an auto manufacturer or with a car shop that provides various automotive services. This will help you in getting a better placement in the automotive industry once you get your license. The more effort you will put in, the better results you will get. It’s up to you to grow through the ranks in the industry by the way of hard work.

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