How to Submit Artwork to a Gallery

Creating a master piece of art is one thing whereas earning appreciation and admiration for it is something entirely different. No one can get the due credit of an art work without putting it on display. These days art galleries have become the most authentic medium of an artist’s promotion and you just cannot talk down their importance.

However, you will have to send your work to get a place in the art gallery. Submitting samples of art work requires a certain kind of approach as it’s never easy to persuade the art connoisseurs to promote your art work.


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    Do some research:

    You must start your journey by doing some research. First of all, find out what type of art work you produce and which gallery is famous for promoting that specific genre. Browse internet or ask people around you. Make a list of those galleries and then start visiting them. You will find out that most of the galleries are situated in high-class areas and some of them charge a significant amount of money as commission.

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    Select an art gallery:

    After you have prepared a list of art galleries, you are all set to finalise a gallery. However, you should keep couple of factors in mind. For instance, you should consider its repute in art circle, its approach, business record and number of visitors.

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    Scrutinise your work:

    Next thing you will do is to scrutinise your artwork. Pick couple of pieces which you think can grab the attention of an art lover. Alhough, it is better to stick with one genre but still there is no harm in showing your versatility.

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    Make a file of your work:

    After selecting couple of pieces of art, you will make images and copy them in a disk. You may prepare a file but it’s safe to send them in a disk. Give brief description of each piece of art and then mention complete contact information in the end.

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    Write a proposal:

    Now you need to write a proposal along with a cover letter. In this document, you will convince the management of the gallery that you deserve a place in their art shelf. However, you must conclude your proposal and cover letter in minimum words. Let your work do the advocacy.

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    Submit your work:

    You should review your work and then dispatch it through a certified postal service or send an email. Stay in contact even after sending your art work to gallery.

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