How to Submit Work to an Art Gallery

As an artist you need recognition of your work, which cannot come unless and until you get proper exposure. You need to reach out to art galleries to convince them to display your work for promotional or sale purposes. By doing so, your art business will certainly grow and catch the eye of potential buyers.


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    Before you go calling on an art gallery, you need to research and make a list of art galleries in the city and their particulars.

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    Once the list is made, it is time to check out the websites of these galleries. Almost all art galleries have professionally designed websites with guidelines for the convenience of clients.  It is most likely that you will find the procedure for submitting your work on these websites.

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    Once you have decided where you want your work displayed, it is time to revisit that gallery’s website and take a moment to see if you can reach them through the internet before arranging a meeting. Take your time to gather information they may require before you try to contact the owners. Usually websites request an active contact number, a biography, and some online links of your work if any.

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    You now have to make a professional portfolio for which you need to gather your best work. Remember that your work has to impress the gallery owners first so they put it up. Some galleries will require you to submit a hard copy of your portfolio while others will request for digital portfolios.

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    Get your recent work scanned to make digital copies and save in flash drives and CDs. It is recommended that you use the JPEG format for your work with maximum resolution as you should have it visible in high quality.

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    Writing a decent covering letter is vital. You need to introduce yourself, your work and let the gallery owners know just why you want them to display your art.

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    If the gallery requests you to submit an exhibition proposal then include the overview of the concept and nature of your work.

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    When you finally get to visit the gallery, if called, or choosing to visit in person rather than submitting your request through the website, remember to dress well and take your portfolio along just in case.

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