How to Sue a Business for Discrimination

Nowadays, discrimination, bias and favouritism have gained deep roots in almost every walk of life. Unfortunately, gone are the days when people used to understand the moral values and respect each other.

Now people do not spare each other even in a professional relationship. You may find yourself in a situation where somebody victimised you and you wanted to settle the score but a lack of knowledge proved the biggest hurdle in your way.

Suing that person for discrimination is the best way to teach the other party a lesson. This will not only provide you a chance to prove your worth but also vindicate others who were discriminated by such mentality.


  • 1

    Give a fair chance:

    Before filing a lawsuit, it is always better to give the other party a fair chance of resolving the issue. This may help you to find a solution without going into court and ultimately save your time and money.

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    Gather all the information:

    If the other party is not cooperating then you will have to make your case strong by gathering all the facts. Find and preserve all the proofs. Do not give the impression that you are filing this case just because of some minor dispute or personal grudge.

  • 3

    Contact other victims:

    You should find other victims also as it will help you to prove your point against the other party. Offer them to join you for justice. Ask them about their feelings when they were treated like this. Get their complete contact information to mention in your petition.

  • 4

    Look for applicable law:

    You better search on the internet for a valid law against this offense. Then find a capable lawyer who is an expert of corporate and civil laws. You may seek free online help from different lawyers or libraries.

  • 5

    Show your intentions:

    Tell the other party about your decision by writing a demand letter. Mention the dispute and compensation you want. Then inform them about your decision to file a lawsuit against their stubbornness. Keep a record of all the correspondence.

  • 6

    Call a lawyer:

    Now it’s time to take strict action. Hire an attorney and give complete details of your dispute. You should provide your lawyer all the required documents and proofs. It is better to make a file and arrange all the documents.

  • 7


    Team up with your lawyer and provide him/her the complete detail of other party. Share your data about business discrimination and then let the attorney do the work.

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